Mar 26, 2011

First Post

I'm Yoni Tsafir and I'm a software developer from Israel, currently working at IBM (XIV Storage Systems).
Throughout my years as a software developer, I commonly found myself in the position where I'm aspiring to find ways of making myself and my teammates work better and more effectively, applying agile practices such as unit-testing, pair-programming, TDD, continuous integration, and so on. 
Because of my passion to the subject, insisting of everyone writing an informative commit message, not changing code without making sure there's a test for it first, and so on, in one of my teams I even earned the nickname "The Bad Cop of Code", hence the idea for a name for my blog.

Following the lead of many great minds I appreciate, I decided to start my own blog and share my thoughts.

This blog is going to talk about all these subjects I mentioned, and more. It's going to contain tips I gathered from my experience and try to make it easier for fellow "bad cops of code" like me to explain to their fellow teammates why these concepts are important.

Something else that I have a lot of passion to is music. I'm a music composer, recently composed some TV shows, DVD and musicals for children in Israel. This is something I'll try to take advantage of in order to spice up my posts and share some off-topic interesting content related to the intersection between music and software.

Hope you'll enjoy reading.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge some of the other software related blogs, as they were the main inspiration source I had for starting my own.

  • Aviv Ben-Yosef's The Code Dump. Aviv is one of the most, if not the-most talented developers I've ever met, and I even had the pleasure of working and pairing with him for a few years. His blog has some amazing posts and ideas.
  • Iftach Bar's Nash Code Bar. Contains an amazing post about hudson/jenkins. Hope to see some more posts like this in the near future!
  • Uri Lavi's Blog. Founder of the Software Craftsmanship group in Israel (SCIL).
  • Uncle Bob's Blog. Author of Clean Code. Contains excellent videos and posts.
  • GeePawHill's Situated Geekery. Some of the bests posts I've read about TDD.
  • Lior Friedman's IMistaken. Lior gave a very impressive talk in SCIL, and since then I started reading his very good blog.
  • Ran Tavory's PrettyPrint. Ran is a fellow member of SCIL, besides a great podcast (reversim) he runs, he also has a great blog.


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