Sep 26, 2012

Using Crittercism SDK to effectively find & fix crashes

This post is talking about iOS apps, but I'm sure most of it applies to Android as well...

Having a crash report framework for your app is not really optional.

While investing in the QA phase before submitting your app can find and eliminate a lot of the crashes, there will always be something you'll miss, and there's nothing like millions of potential users to help you find and fix these annoying crashes when they happen.

Crittercism is a great example of a framework that makes sure you are going to get all the needed data from your users, AND may also be very helpful during the development & QA phase (in case you are not connected with a debugger and an exception breakpoint and a crash occurred).

The framework is really simple to use and the documentation is very succinct, so I'm not going to elaborate too much about the basic integration and features (such as symbolicated stack traces for each crash), but I DO want to tell you about some of my favorite features in the framework, that got us at JoyTunes to choose and use it for our iOS apps.