Dec 28, 2011

Excuse #6 - We are such good programmers, we don't need tests!

Welcome to the 6th excuse in the Testing: Why Bother? series.

I'm going to address this excuse a little bit differently than the other ones and be more personal about it.

Reading the headline of this excuse may sound dubious to some of you, but I assure you it's not something I made up. I actually heard this excuse while I was looking for a job a while back and was interviewing for a startup company.

Dec 12, 2011

Excuse #5 - The Frequent Refactoring Excuse

Welcome to the 5th excuse in the Testing: Why Bother? series:
"We refactor our code so frequently, that the time we invest in tests just isn't worth it - they are going to change and be irrelevant anyhow"

This excuse is one of my favorites, because it's so ironic, yet surprisingly quite common.